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[VIDEO] Steaks Direct Over The Coal

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How to Cook Steak on Coals

You gotta try this!  You will be truly amazed by the results.  Go check out the recipe from the video.

Don’t just listen to me.  This is what others got to say.

“OH! MY! GOD! +Alton Brown is an absolute genious!  Until now I’d NEVER grill anything other than an porterhouse or bone-in ribeye.  Tried this over the weekend and was AMAZED!  I will never buy a ribeye or porterhouse again.  This was one of the best tasting items I have EVER placed in my mouth.” – Fredrick Lackey

“This non-recipe produces some of the simplest and most flavorful steak, without relying on a bunch of magic dust or finnicky cooking methods. It’s actually rather difficult to go back to anything else!” – Jason Colbeck

“This looks absolutely amazing. Can’t believe I never thought to look you up on YouTube. I’ve always been a huge fan of Good Eats and was ecstatic when I saw the show pop up on Netflix. I’m just bummed there’s so few episodes on there! I’m hoping they add more seasons eventually, but for now I guess YouTube will have to do.” – AlutaShad

“Alton, I have been following your talented ways of cooking for years and I thank you so much for all you have done. For the first time I have tried this way of making a grilled steak, and I am now hooked on this method. It looked and tasted superb! This is the only way I will eat my steaks from now on. Many many thanks to you.” – VengeFulHem

Don’t just stand there by the sideline.  Try it out yourself this weekend.

Source: Alton Brown 

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