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Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe

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Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions | Grilled Italian Sausage

It has been a while since we got our taste buds on good old Italian sausage delights.  The recipe is simple and all it takes are some peppers and onions and, of course, a wholesome spread of Italian Sausage and peppers.

Cooked to perfection with regular black and white seasonings. (salt, garlic and blackpepper)

To start cooking your Italian Sausage, first you create a 2-zone fire in your grill. You want to have one hot side of your grill and a cool side. Next place your sliced onions and peppers in a half-size steam pan with a little butter, olive oil and some basic seasoning and put your peppers and onions on the hot side of your grill.

Next place your Italian Sausages on the cool side of your grill. This allows you to fully cook your peppers and onions while you slowly bring your Italian Sausages up to temp – keeping these Italian Sausages juicy and delicious.

You’ll need to turn your Italian Sausages about 15 – 20 minutes after putting them on the grill. Then at the 35 – 40 minute mark your peppers and onions should be perfectly cooked and your Italian Sausages should be almost fully cooked. Now you will switch your Italian Sausages to the hot side of your grill and move your peppers and onions to the cool side to keep warm.

You will grill your Italian Sausages over high heat for about 2 – 2.5 minutes on each side. You want your Italian Sausages to reach a perfect mahogany brown without burning or getting too dark.

Once your Italian Sausage, peppers and onions are all cooked it’s time to serve these Italian Sausages on a bun with some spicy brown mustard.

Italian Sausages are the perfect football food for tailgates or parties at home.

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