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7 Common BBQ Blunders

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7 Common BBQ Blunders

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1) If you started with frozen meat, ensure the meat is thawed entirely. Trying to grill the inside of a still-frozen piece of meat is next to impossible without scorching the outside.

2) Lighter fluid taste will always get into your meat no matter how much you cook the coals down. A chimney starter makes starting the fire a breeze.

3) Never ever poke the bbq meat with a fork after cooking has begun. This is one of the most common blunders as well as one of the most fatal for your bbq. When poking with a fork, the liquids will run out of the meat and right in to the bottom of the barbeque pit or grill. Your meat will be dry and less tender. Use a long set of tongs to turn the meat.

4) Reduced the heat. Except for grilled steaks, which call for a quick searing, cook slowly over low to medium heat. Lower heat is much more manageable and it will definitely make the meat tender and juicy.

5) Quit lifting the lid in order to examine the meat. Every single time you do this it changes the temperature inside the bbq pit. Air from you opening the lid acts like a sponge and dries the meat up. Opening the lid at the same time increases your chances of flare-ups.

6) This is more of a food safety mistake. Do not place the cooked meat back on the same plate or platter that the raw meat was on without washing it. Mixing the cooked with the raw just begs for someone to get ill.

7) Immediately after removing the meat from the grill, allow it rest for at about 5-10 minutes. Slicing the meat immediately after pulling it from the cooker will cause all the juices to flow out of the meat and onto the platter.

Source: Sean Mackey

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