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Month: March 2016

How Is Your Taste Buds?

Exotic Meat Taste Test I have eaten horses, crocodile, snails, buffalo, boar., rat, frog, muskrat, Kangaroo, and alligator. And everything still tastes like Chicken.  Nothing compares to Good
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World of BBQ

World of BBQ “Barbeque from around the world” 4 out of 20 are from different states from America, i don’t call that “the world”. Of course, We are
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Hamburg Steak

Hamburg Steak My goodness.  These are awesome looking and mouth watering steaks.  The BBQ Pit Boys have outdone themselves again. These Boys know how to make food look
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Bacon Cornucopia

Bacon Cornucopia Instructions: Cut chicken wire into a square with a rounded edge. Fold chicken wire into a horn shape and use your twine to string it shut.
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